Police Stations in Jamnagar

For every city, be it how beautiful or how well located, the administration plays a very important role in building its reputation as a living place. In today's world of crime and cruelty, it becomes inevitable for the authorities to take extra measures to avoid any kind of mishappening in any part of the city. As any city develops and prospers, there increase chances of crime. Anti-social elements are everywhere but in such a place their false activities tend to increase and create nuisance for others. People start living in fear of theft and other crimes. To combat this sense of fear, they seek help of security forces and at the same time they themselves should keep a vigil's eye on their surroundings. They need to be alert, use their common sense, in order to avoid any kind of wrong deed happening atleast in their area. Security shall be the prime concern for every city, apart from its growth in all aspects; Jamnagar is no exception to this.

As the population of the city is increasing, with that is increasing the incidence of crime. Almost every type of crime ranging from minor theft or extortion cases to violent crimes like ghastly murders or planned robberies are now rampant in the city. According to statistics Crime rate has increased up to 15 percent from last year. When a crime takes place, in the first place what the common man does is, go to the nearest police station and launch a complaint or dairy which might be called FIR or First Information Report. Therefore knowing the police stations in your locality is of prime importance especially in the present times when our society is caught in very critical situation with so many dangerous criminals out there to gulp you.

Police Stations in Jamnagar

Here follows a list of the major police stations in the Jamnagar city of Gujarat:

Digvijay Plot Police Chowky
Shankar Tekri, Jamnagar,
Gujarat 361005

Darbargadh Police Chowki

darbargadh, Junagadh - Jamnagar Hwy,
 Jamnagar, Gujarat 361001

District Jail

Bassav Nagar
Jamnagar, Gujarat 361005

City B Police Station

Valkeshwari, Park Colony,
Jamnagar, Gujarat 361008

Police Head Quarter

Saru Section Rd, Park Colony,
Jamnagar, Gujarat 361008

Shakti Nagar Police station

Kamdar Colony, Jamnagar, Gujarat 361006

Traffic Police Chowki

Junagadh - Jamnagar Hwy, Kadiawad,
 Jamnagar, Gujarat 361001

Lalpur Police Station

Lalpur, Gujarat 361170

Jodiya Police Station

Jamnagar, Gujarat 361250

Khambhalia Police Station

Navapara, Jam Khambhaliya,
Gujarat 361305

Kalavad Police Station

At-Kalavad, Dist-Jamanagar,
 Kalavad, Jamnagar - 361160
Phone: (02894) 222033

Saru Section Road Police Station

Saru Section Road, Jamnagar-361002
Phone: (0288) 2550254

Bhanvad Police Station

At-Bhanvad, Dist-Jamanagar, Ta-Bhanvad,
Bhanvad, Jamnagar - 360510
Phone: (02896) 232121

So these are the major Police Stations of Jamnagar. Keeping this list with you is of utmost necessity because you never know, danger might be lurking around for you and might break into your life any moment. If you have this list you can call up at your nearest police station and seek for help. Police officers can timely arrive can rescue you, your loved ones from those heartless criminals and save your life as well as property.
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