Mota Aashapura Maa Temple Jamnagar

Jamnagar, a city of Gujarat has turned in to an important tourist hub of late and the reason behind this is the many temples, palaces, old forts that dot the city telling a tale of the city’s royal past and at the same time creating a deeply spiritual ambiance in the city where the climate of the city is imbued with the spirit of piety, traditional beliefs in the values of morality, honesty, compassion, generosity and so on. One Temple of Jamnagar that pulls a lot of Tourists due to its historical significance is the Mota Ashapura Maa Temple. If you are a history lover and are passionate about delving into the past you would certainly enjoy your visit to this temple of ‘Mota Ashapura Maa’.

Mota Ashapura Maa Temple Jamnagar

Mota Ashapura Maa Temple: An Overview

This Temple is a seat for the much revered deity of the ancient rulers of this region; i.e. the well-famed Jadeja clan who ruled over Jamnagar for several years at a stretch. The Temple of Mota Ashapura Maa was built to the ‘Kuldevi’ or Goddess of this clan. On the eastern part of the city, i.e. from where you actually enter the city, you’ll find this beautiful temple standing with all its architectural as well as spiritual glory. Perhaps the Jams built the temple with the belief that their Goddess will guard the city from all evils and enemies and will keep them away from the city’s boundary. That could be one possible reason why the temple was built on the city’s gateway or entrance. Also this temple is in vicinity to Darbargadh in the older part of Jamnagar area.

How to Reach Mota Ashapura Maa Temple

Tourists who wish visit the temple would obviously want to know how they would reach the temple. Well, reaching the temple is quite easy. Once you are in Jamnagar city, you can take a cab hire for sightseeing and as you head towards the east on the MP Shah Circle, also called the Sat Rasta Circle leading to the Rani Lakshmibai Circle, the temple will be just a few minutes away. Reaching Jamnagar too isn’t a problem because the city today is well connected through road, rail and air to all the major cities of the country. State buses plus Private buses connect Jamnagar to many other important cities of Gujarat. The Western Railway Service too is excellent and is directly linked up with Ahmadabad. The Airport is only 10 Kilometers away from the city and taxis and autos will take you to the airport for a cheap fare. There are regular Domestic flights between Jamnagar and Mumbai. So now you can understand that reaching the temple isn’t a big deal.

Tourist Attractions Mota Ashapura Maa Temple

If you are too enthralled by the temple, the deity and want to stay there for some days to enjoy the ‘aarti’ etc, you can do so, because there are countless hotels around the temple offering comfortable accommodation options. Some of the reputable hotels around Mota Asha Pura Maa temples are: The Fern Hotel, The Pride Hotel, The Gateway Hotel, ST Lauren Tower etc. Also there are many other tourist attractions around the temple that could be a worthy cause for you to put up at that place for some more days. For instance you could visit the ‘Solarium’, the intriguing engineering marvel based on poly-radio theories of medicines and physics built around the 1920s by the Jam Ranjitsinji.

So this is all about Mota Asha Pura Maa Temple Jamnagar.
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