Luxury Hotels in Jamnagar

Jamnagar was established by Jam Rava Jadeja sometime in 1540 AD and is a thriving, bustling city today. It has prosperous brass industries and, recently, oil refineries set up by Reliance and Essar have given an added impetus to development. A popular tourist destination and a business center, Jamnagar does not lack for hotels. You will find the usual low end and budget hotels clustered around the railway station and the state bus transport depot. In addition, there are luxury hotels catering to high end tourists and business travelers from all across India and the world. Some luxury hotels are situated right in the city center, giving easy access to commercial areas and shopping. Some are located in quiet environs at a distance from the city.

Luxury Hotels in Jamnagar

List of Luxury Hotels in Jamnagar

Hotel Aram
Nand Nivas
Pandit Nehru Marg
Jamnagar 361008

Hotel Ashiana

New Super Market,
Bedi Gate Road,
Jamnagar 361001

Hotel Celebration

Indira Gandhi Marg,
Near Gurudwara Circle,
Jamnagar 361001

Hotel Express Residency

Jamnagar 361140
Phone No: 0288-3911000
Email ID: [email protected]

Hotel Foliage

P.N Marg,
Opposite Amber Cinema
Jamnagar -361008

Hotel Fortune Palace

Near Digjam Circle,
Airport Road,
Jamnagar 361006

Hotel Kalatit International

Tin Batti,
Jamnagar – 361001

Hotel Keshwaras Residency

After Samarpan Hospital,
Jamnagar Reliance Road,

Hotel President Jamnagar

Teen Batti,
Jamnagar 361001
Phone No: 0288-2557491, 2557492, 2558492, 2558493, 2557110
Email ID: [email protected]

Hotel Regency Jamnagar

Pandit Nehru Marg,
Jamnagar 361008

Hotel Rajmahel

Teen Batti, Near DSP Bungalow
Phone NO: 096 87 777862

Hotel Vraj

Near Friends Marriage Hall,
Digjam Circle
Airport Road
Jamnagar 361006
Phone NO: 084 69 924050


Airport Road
Jamnagar 361006
Phone No: 0288-2712661 (5 lines)
Email ID: [email protected]

Hotel President is a favorite of tourists and business travelers alike since it is located in the heart of the city. Buses and railway station, bazaars and commercial buildings are all within walking distance. The Express Residency is at a distance but has extremely luxurious facilities and top flight services to make for a pleasurable stay. Hotel Aaram has a distinctively unique ambiance while Hotel Vishal International is contemporary and modern.

Hotel Vishal and Hotel Vraj are located on the Airport Road and may be the choice of travelers flying into the city. In any case you can be sure that when you book into a luxury hotel in Jamnagar you will receive the best in terms of services and peaceful stay. Prices start from Rs. 2000 for a single night’s stay and can go up to Rs. 5000 or beyond. Considering hotel room rates in metros and larger cities, prices here are affordable without skimping on services. Visitors who have stayed at these hotels report a pleasant experience in spacious, well appointed rooms with service always available. In relation to other cities, Jamnager may have only limited luxury hotels but many more are expected to come up to meet increasing demand.

Jamnagar is the starting point to your trip to the Marine National Park or the Khijadia Bird Sanctuary. For the Marine National Park you need permits from three different authorities and this can be quite a task. Fortunately, some of these top flight hotels will make arrangements to obtain the necessary permissions and even put you in touch with boat operators to take you to Pirotan island.
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