Labor Courts of Jamnagar

The Ministry of Labor & Employment under the Government of India specifically works to safeguard rights and interests of workers and ensures they receive justice from employers in addition to fair wage and proper treatment. The Government of India has enacted about 44 labor related statutes defining social security benefits, safety, minimum wages, accident benefits, health, industrial relations, trade union and disciplinary actions focused on workers.

Labor Courts in Jamnagar

Labor Courts in Jamnagar: An Overview

Jamnagar, the city built by Jam Rava Jadeja in 1540 AD, is a thriving industrial city known for its brass industry and, recently, petroleum refineries set up by Essar and Reliance in the district. Thousands of people are employed and they work with confidence knowing there are labor laws and labor courts of Jamnagar to protect their interests in case of ill-treatment or injustice at the hands of their employers. Workers can file complaints with the Labor Commissioner for redressal under, say, The Bombay Industrial Relations Act, the Industrial Disputes Act, the Workmen’s Compensation Act, the Minimum Wages Act, the Employees State Insurance Act or the Beedi and Cigar Workers Act, as may be relevant to their cause.  The maximum importance is given to cases where workers are terminated and deprived of their livelihood. Tribunals and labor courts dispense quick justice for reinstatement.  In addition to Labor Courts of Jamnagar, there are Lok Adalats, organized periodically, to handle cases of industrial and labor disputes and dispense speedy justice.

Powers and Responsibilities of Labor Courts of Jamnagar

Among other matters, Labor Courts are empowered to inquire into the legality of decisions taken by employers as regards dismissal of workmen. Courts dispense justice by granting relief and compensation to wrongfully dismissed workers. Labor courts also handle cases where workers are deprived of their rights and privileges under the Labor Laws. The Labor Court of Jamnagar also inquires into legality of strikes and lock-outs. Labor courts of Jamnagar also have the responsibility of handling cases pertaining to wages and mode of payment, compensation, hours of work, rest intervals, bonus, gratuity, provident fund, shift working, rationalization, retrenchment and others under the Labor Laws.

Administration in Labor Courts of Jamnagar

The labor commissioner and additional labor commissioner work under the Secretary who works under the Ministry of Labor Employment. The additional labor commissioner is in charge of deputy labor commissioners of various districts of each State. The Deputy Commissioner of Labor of Rajkot region oversees operations of the Assistant Commissioner of Labor who in turn oversees the Government Labor Officer handling Rajkot divisions of Amreli, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Porbandar and Kutch.

Rules Followed in Labor Courts of Jamnagar

The Labor Courts, like other courts, are overburdened with thousands of pending cases. As part of its efforts to speed up justice the Government set up special Lok Adalats relating to Labor matters and both parties to a case remain present in the Adalat, present their side of the matter and the presiding officer takes a quick decision.

Complainants can present their case themselves or through a legal representative, usually a lawyer, to handle matters on their behalf. An application has to be filed along with documents in support. A legal fee has to be paid along with the application. Then a suitable date is assigned for the hearing and the matter proceeds. Despite labor laws and courts, quite a size-able number of workers do not seek redressal since they cannot afford lawyers’ fees or they cannot afford to take time off and attend the hearings.
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