Jamnagar Tourism

Jamnagar Tourism

Ever travelled to the Oil City of India - Jamnagar? Well, Let us take you on a short tour to the same and unveil the layers of this city of Gujarat this time.
If you are visiting the city for the first time, here are the following places to drop by without any fail.

Tourist Attractions in Jamnagar

Apart from the famous Pratap Vilas Palace, Solorium and the Lakhota Fort, Jamnagar is a history lover’s paradise with numerous other places of significance like:

  • Darbargadh Palace: old royal residence is one of the finest examples of medieval architecture and a visual treat.
  • Willingdon Crescent: heavily influenced by Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s travels to Europe the crescent is now a prominent shopping area.
  • Ayurveda University: India’s only ayurveda university is located in Jamnagar and is home to an extensive library and research facility on ayurveda.

Religious Spots in Jamnagar

Visitors with a spiritual bent of mind can seek solace in the many temples that dot the city, each boasting of unique legends of its own. Some of them are:
  • Mota Ashapura Ma Temple
  • Shantinath Mandir
  • Vardhman Shah’s Temple
  • Bala Hanuman Temple

Hotels in Jamnagar

Hotel accommodation is modest in Jamnagar with mostly 3-4 star properties available. Majority of the hotels are located in and around Pandit Nehru Marg, Indira Marg and Teen Batti. Some of the noteworthy hotels are:
  • Hotel Vishal international
  • Hotel Aaram
  • Hotel Calibration
  • Hotel President
  • Hotel Golden Crown

Museums in Jamnagar

If you are passionate about exploring the sculptures, architectures of the past eras and wish to observe the intricate artworks from vicinity, well then at Jamnagar, you’ll find one very world-renowned museum where you can satiate your passion; i.e. the Lakhota Museum. It’s actually a palace converted to a museum for tourists and the adjoining Lakhota Lake indeed offers an enchanting view to the visitors!

Wildlife Sanctuary in Jamnagar

If the call of the wild attracts you then you will definitely feel overwhelmed on visiting the Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary, Jamnagar that is specifically situated on the coastal belts of our famous Gulf of Kutch and surrounded in the northern part by a High Tidal piece of land. It is a perfect habitat for wildlife in the heart of the lush green wastelands.

Parks and Gardens in Jamnagar

Nature loving visitors will have their fill by visiting the Khijadia Bird Sanctuary located 10 km outside the city and the Marine National Park located on Pirotan Island located off the coast of Jamnagar.

Shopping in Jamnagar

Jamnagar is known for its world-famous ‘Bandhej’ or the traditional art of tie-and-dye design on clothes. Bandhej or bandhni clothes are exported across the world and no visit to Jamnagar is complete without purchasing bandhni dress materials. Apart from bandhni, Jamnagar is famous for its brass and brass articles like bangles, nut crackers etc are hugely popular buys.

Best Time to Visit Jamnagar

The city has a hot dry climate for most of the year with extreme hot summers during March-May and a cool season ranging from October to February. June-September is the monsoon with frequent occurrences of tropical storms. The best time to visit the city is between October and February. While the days are warm, the nights are cool and this makes for an ideal vacation time.

Jamnagar is well connected by road, rail and air. The city airport services daily flights to Rajkot and Mumbai. In addition, bus services ply regularly between Jamnagar and Ahmadabad. If need to enquire about bus timings or regarding bookings here’s an important enquiry number for ST Depot Jamnagar bus service: (0288) 2550270.
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