Jamnagar City in One Day

Jamnagar was once known as Nawanagar, the seat of power of the Jams of Jamnagar, first set up by Jam Rava Jadeja in 1540 AD. Made famous by Maharaja Kumar Shri Ranjit Sinhji, the city has history at every nook and corner. You may not be able to get in everything in a day but you can visit the important places to get in the flavor of the city and its people. The best way is to hire a local rickshaw driver for the entire day or a taxi driver and tell him the places to go.

Jamnagar City in One Day

Itinerary of One-Day Tour of Jamnagar

Morning 8.30 AM
Rise and shine but do not breakfast in your hotel or in any restaurant. Head out into streets and head for a stall where you can breakfast on local hot favorites gathiya, faafda, khaman, khandvi, daal puri, or bhajia. Made the typical Kathiawadi way, farsan is the first thing to have in the morning when you are in Jamnagar.  With a power breakfast under your belt you move on to do some sight seeing.

From 9 AM to 11.30 AM
The Bala Hanuman temple is first on the list. This temple got into the Guinness Book of World Records for the non stop chant of Jai Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram going on since 1964. The intensity and depth of devotion hits you as you look around with the chant ringing in your ears. From here you go to another temple dedicated to Hanuman, the Bhid Bhanjan Hanuman temple built by the royals.  Go on to K V Road and have a look at the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. From here it is on to town Hall for a darshan of Shiv Bhagwan at the Nilkanth Mahadev Temple.  Then it is on to Chandi Bazar, the location of some splendid Jain architecture in the Jain Temples. Step into Vardhman Shah’s Jain Temple built sometime during 1612. It has a large main Derasar and 52 mini deris or small shrines  dedicated to the various Jain Tirthankars. The marble carvings and exquisite arches and domes here as well as in the nearby Raisi Shah Temple and are worth the effort. Admiring the colored murals, the carvings and moving from one shrine to the other takes time. This could well take you past the noon mark and it is time for lunch and some rest.

From 2.30PM to 6 PM
Darbargarh is the old royal residence of the rulers. The entire complex takes some time to traverse and you will admire the fine architecture, a blend of Indian and European styles. There are ornamental mirrors, carved pillars, domes and sculptures that will keep you happily occupied. From here you move on to Ranmal Lake and Lakhota Fort that is also a museum. The fort stands in the middle of the lake and is approached through a causeway. The museum has swords, muskets, carvings and sculptures from the 9th to the 18th century. You can also admire embroidery work done by local tribes and bead work. Standing opposite is Willingdon Crescent, built by Maharaja Shri Ranjit Sinhji originally to house people but today, it is a thriving picturesque shopping arcade. What makes it different is the experience of a typical period European architecture. The Pratap Vilas Palace is another beautiful royal structure but no visitors are allowed in so, at best, you can admire it in passing.

Time for tea and then as the evening sets in, go for some shopping to get your finger on the pulse of modern Jamnagar. The ideal places to shop are Chandi Bazaar, full of shops selling silver and gold jewelry, Lindi Bazar and the Super Market. You could pick up some souvenirs in Lindi Baazar.

From 7:30PM to 8:00PM
You return to your room in your hotel and then after a leisurely dinner (pick Gujarati style thali to sample traditional local cuisine), you could head out again to the bazaars. As evening sets in food stalls set up shop and the streets undergo a transformation. If it is winter, chiki, a concoction of jaggery and groundnuts or sesame seeds, can be found everywhere. You could revisit Ranmal Lake where the lights come on and then take a leisurely boat ride on the calm waters. If you like you can go for a movie and then call it a day. Prohibition prevails in Gujarat and you will not be able to find bars or any clubs or nightlife.
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