Eye Hospitals in Jamnagar

Human vision is considered as one of the most precious assets of man’s life and therefore you must be very careful regarding the proper maintenance of your eyes. Moreover, your eyes are very delicate in nature and so you must go for frequent eye check-ups either to reputed eye clinics or eye hospitals. Nowadays, eye problems are on the rise to over straining of eyes that often results from using PCs for long hours or watching TV sitting too close to the set or even for too long. Kids today due to  malnutrition often fall a prey to eyesight issues. Even diseases like diabetes or aging results in poor vision or vision problems. Whatever might be the cause, the necessity is best eye care and the immediate intervention of an eye specialist who can handle your problem efficiently before it aggravates too much and the world turns dim or even totally dark for you.

Eye Hospitals in Jamnagar
In the Jamnagar, there are some very good eye hospitals and clinics coming with all latest equipments and specialist help to cater to every small or big eye issues of yours. From kids to senior citizens, from patients needs basic eye check-up to those needing complicated surgeries can get help here. The doctors will also give you an extensive list of dos and don’ts on future eye care.
If you wish to get your eye treated in the Jamnagar, just consider the list below to know the major eye clinics and hospitals in the city:

Arpan Eye Hospital
Shivam complex, first floor,
Opposite ST Bus depot
Digvijay plot, Jamnagar- 361005
Phone-(0288)2561236/ 9825203876

I-Care Eye Hospital

19, centre point,
Opposite Jeevandeep Hospital
Indira marg, Jamnagar- 361001
Phone-(0288)255095/ 9727085515

Ashivad Eye Hospital

Jyot tower, Town hall circle,
Near Town Hall
Jamnagar- 361001

Prarthana Eye Hospital
Khodiyar colony, airport road,
khodiyar nagar,
Opposite Bank of Baroda
 Jamnagar- 361006

Eye Care Hospital

Jamnagar Modern market,
Pandit Nehru marg,
Opposite Amber Talkies
Jamnagar- 361008

Matalia Eye-Care Hospital

Ranjit road, Mahalaxmi chawk,
Opposite Bank of India
Jamnagar- 361001

Sunetra Eye-Care Hospital

Sudharta shopping center,
Sumair club road,
Near Payal Travels
Jamnagar- 361005

So these are the best eye hospitals and clinics of Jamnagar. Your eyes are your window to this colorful world. It allows you to see the light of the world, the colors of the world and appreciate its beauty. You just can’t afford to take chances with it. If you are residing in Jamnagar, Gujarat and ever come to feel that your vision is weakening or your eyes are giving you any sort of trouble, don’t ever delay. You have this list with you and the contact numbers too. Give a call to these hospitals, you can send someone from your family to visit these hospitals in person, collect their brochure with the website address. Log on to their websites, read about their services and facilities, their rate package, most importantly what reviews other patients have left on each of them and then you can go ahead and choose one.
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