Consumer Court in Jamnagar

A consumer may have just cause for complaint in case of defective services or defective goods. The first step is to approach the provider of such services or goods. In case the response is not satisfactory the consumer can take his grievance to local consumer protection forums. In large cities you can access government designated consumer protection forum or even have access to privately operated consumer protection organizations that take up the matter on your behalf to resolve the issue. Service providers as well as manufacturers make certain promises that they are bound to fulfill in lieu of payments and as such, are bound by the contract. However, it is not uncommon for such suppliers to try and wriggle out of their responsibilities citing some escape clauses in their terms and conditions. A consumer needs to be aware that there are specific laws protecting his interest and such laws override whatever terms and conditions a service provider or supplier of goods may draw up and try to push across as legal.

Consumer Court in Jamnagar

Legal System for Consumer Acts in Jamnagar

Jamnagar is a growing city, not on the same scale as metros and as such it does not have private organizations engaged in consumer protection rights activities. A consumer here is protected by Law and he can approach the Jamnagar District Forum, opposite Juna Railway Station in Jamnagar (phone 0288 2552977) and file his case with documentary evidence in support. The Government of India enacted the Consumer Protection Act 1986. Under Chapter II, section 7, State Consumer Protection Councils are set up comprising of the Collector of the district and officials designed to assist him. The Jamnagar District Forum is one such organization assigned the responsibility of consumer rights protection. A consumer may file a complaint against an individual, a dealer or trader, a service provider and even against organizations such as BSNL if he can prove he has sufficient grounds for so doing and that he has documents in support.

The Consumer Redressel Forum

In Jamnagar you can also approach the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum at 4 Jilla Seva Sadan, Rajkot Highway (phone: (0288) 25772400) between 10.30 AM to 6 PM from Mondays to Saturdays and file a complaint for redressal of grievances. A complaint may pertain to unfair trade practices, defective goods, deficiency of service, overcharging and hazardous goods or services that may be life threatening. Complaint needs to be filed in the District Forum that has jurisdiction in areas where the complainant and the opposing parties are located and the location where the cause of action has arisen. Value of complaint should not exceed Rs. 20 lakhs. For value between Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore the complaint needs to be filed with the State Commission. If the value exceeds Rs. 1 crore then the complaint goes to the National Commission.

How to Submit Grievances or Complaints

The complaint must have name, description and address of both parties, facts relating to the complaint, documents in support, reliefs sought and must bear the signature of the complainant. Forms are to be used and these are to be filed along with fees according to the value of the complaint. There is a two year time limitation for filing a complaint. After that the complaint may be accepted subject to satisfying certain requirements and showing adequate grounds. The designated period for disposal of cases is between 90 and 150 days. If laboratory testing is required the period may be extended to 150 days otherwise 90 days is the usual period.

If you have a grievance, do not sit still, approach the district forum and get relief and quick resolution.
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