Charitable Trusts in Jamnagar

A charitable organization is a kind of business that comes under the category of nonprofit organizations. Generally, this type of organization is also referred to as charitable foundations which might be run privately or publicly. Charity existence is considered good for social purpose. Charitable organizations are restricted to use their assets freely. They can use their assets only to pursue their charitable objectives. This means charity assets can never be used for any other private purpose.

The procedure for the formation of charitable organizations varies from state to state, even country to country. Charitable organizations operating as private foundation get their funds through a family, corporation or any individual financial source.

Charitable Trusts in Jamnagar

Charitable organizations operating as public foundation get their grants from the government foundation and individual.  There are many tax relief benefits associated with charity organization such as 80% compulsory and 20% optional relief from business rates, Gift relief on cash donations from individuals, stamp duty land tax relief on entering into leases or attainments of freehold property. Another benefit of charitable organization is that donors are able to make donations to the foundations that are tax deductible. Another benefit is to gain a double capital. If you donate to a big organization they may control the use of money but if you have your own organization then you alone can exercise command on where the money is going.

There are countless charitable trusts today in all small and big cities of the country. The Jamnagar city of Gujarat too has many charitable trusts too which work a lot towards helping out people in distress in the city. Here follows the list some of the top Charitable Trusts of Jamnagar:

Vikas Gruh
Patel Colony, Jamnagar - 361008
Phone: (91)-288-2751728

Apang Ashram

Pandit Nehru Marg, Jamnagar - 361008
Phone: (91)-288-2671402   

Shree Vanitaben Vishvanath Trivedi Charitable Trust

11 - Patel Colony, Sandep Apartment Block No - Aa- 1
 Jamnagar, Jamnagar - 361008
Phone: (91)-9998095210   

Manharlala Vrujlal Education & Charitable Trust

Samsung Plaza, 10, Patel Colony,
Pandit Nehru Marg, Jamnagar – 361008
 Phone: (91)-288-2750791,+(91)-9925796767 

Jamnagar district Network of People Living With HIV And Aids

G-2 Daimand Market, Second Floor,
Pandit Nehru Marg, Jamnagar – 361008
 Phone: (91)-288-2750791,+(91)-9925796767 

Swaminarayan Mandir

Bedi Gate, Jamnagar – 361001
Phone: (91)-288-2552422   

Navtanpuri Dham Trust     

Shri 5 Navtan Puri Dham,
Navtanpuri Chowk,
Khijda Mandir,
Khambhalia Gate, Jamnagar – 361001
 Phone: (91)-288-2750791,+(91)-9925796767

Andhjan Vividhlaxi Talim Kendra

Jamnagar Aerodome, Jamnagar – 361003
Phone:(91)-288-2712348, +(91)-9427943710

Chaitanya Charitable Trust

2, Shivam Society, Near Tirth Paly House,
 Air force 2 Gate Road,
Jamnagar Digvijay, Jamnagar – 361004
Phone: (91)-288-2710932, +(91)-9428986026

Vrudh Ashram

Jamnagar Khodiyar Colony,
Jamnagar – 361006
Phone: (91)-288-2712462

Akshar Purshottam Mandir Trust

Nr Amber, Jamnagar Ho, Jamnagar - 361001
Phone: (91)-288-2555034

Sanjeevani Help Club

Shreeji Krupa, Momai Nagar 01,
Opposite to Dr Kotecha Clinic,
Jamnagar Ho, Jamnagar – 361001
Phone: (91)-9004682360, 9327540528

Shree Bharatmata Adarsh Garbi Mandal

Patel Niwas, Sardar Patel Chowk, Street No. 3,
 Limda Lane, Jamnagar Ho, Jamnagar - 361001
Phone: (91)-288-2551479,+(91)-9825210714

Shri Gayatri Shakti Trust

Saru Section Rd, Jamnagar - 361002
Phone: (91)-288-2541400

Ashray Charitable Trust

Seva Kunj, Nagar Gate,
Near Bank of India,
Jamkhambhalia, Jamnagar - 361305
Phone: (91)-9979980070, 9376666347

Shree Bavishi Mataji Temple Trust

Kotadabavisi, Jam Jodhpur, Jamnagar – 360530
Phone: (91)-2898-220522,+(91)-9427222522

Rama Charitable Arogya Dham

Homegaurd Chawk, Dwarka, Dwarka - 361335
Phone: (91)-2892-236594,+(91)-9824569551

So these are the major charitable trusts of Jamnagar. Keeping this list with you would really come handy if ever you are stuck up in some crisis in life or someone in your known circle is.
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