Beaches in Jamnagar

Jamnagar, known for the palaces and forts built by Jam Rava Jadeja in or around 1540 AD is also the jumping off point to access beaches located within driving distance of the city. From a broader perspective the entire Gulf of Kutch, stretching from Okha to Jamnagar and to Balachadi has known beaches as also some waiting to be discovered, on the mainland and on the innumerable islands off the coast.  You can choose to laze about on the beaches, enjoying the breeze, the atmosphere, the sound of waves lapping on the shore or spend time exploring the rocky hinterlands but one thing is sure: it is a memorable experience. In time the area could well become the Cote d’Azur of India but then it is a good thing conservation measures are in place.

Beaches in Jamnagar

Balachadi Beach Jamnagar

Balachadi beach is about 26 km from the city. In comparison to other beaches, it is well known and is also well developed as a tourist resort. You will find a golf course and facilities. According to history, Jam Digvijaysinhji put up about 1200 Polish refugees at Balachadi in 1942 at a personal expenditure of Rs. 10 lakhs and kept them there till the Second World War ended. Today the beach has golden sands, rolling waves and clear air for miles around. It may not be much frequented on weekdays and on weekends but come Sharad Poonam and it comes alive with people jostling for space. You can drive along the coast to explore other beaches.

Dwarka and Dwarka Bet Jamnagar

In the opposite direction, about 3 km from Okha at the tip of the peninsula  you will find Dwarka bet and Dwarka, famous pilgrimage spots. While the main center may be rather crowded, walk a little and you will be engulfed by nature and can admire the natural, scenic beauty of the beach along the coastline even as you gain satisfaction from visiting the place of Lord Krishna and having darshan at the centuries old temple.

Beaches near Rozi and Bedi Ports Jamnagar

If you do not wish to travel miles to find a beach, only a few kilometers from the city, along the Bedi and Rozi Ports you will have access to beaches along the shoreline. Simply to go Rozi port and then travel upwards or downwards along the coast for some wonderful time on the sunny, unspoilt beaches.


A small island off the coast as you travel towards Okha, it is home to a calm, blue lagoon and smooth sandy beaches leading to rocky  outcrops as you go inland. You could spend a night under the stars, wake to the call of birds or visit it during daytime, wait for the sun to dip into the sea and come away fulfilled. You will need permission of the Forest Department to visit this island and others scattered across the seas off the coast of Jamnagar.

Bhadu, Dabdaba, Sivrajpur are a few of the wonderful locations along the coastline where you can find peace, tranquility and azure blue skies smiling down on untainted beaches if you take the trouble to explore this  wonderful area. The Khijadia sanctuary and Marine Park do restrict free movement since you need permission to visit areas falling in the latter’s territory but then there is no shortage of beaches around Jamnagar where you can go to get your share of solace from the cacophony of the city and to enjoy the panoramic view of the sunset and sunrise against the backdrop of the oceanic blue blending into the sublimity of the blue sky and ambient nature.
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