Bakeries in Jamnagar

A visit to Jamnagar will be incomplete if you do not visit the bakeries here. The fresh aroma of the baked cakes and pastries will make your mouth water and try more everytime. The oozing chocolates from the items to the dripping flavours of fruits mixed in its batters, all are worth tasting here. So let us take you to the exact locations where you can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cakes in Jamnagar

List of Bakeries in Jamnagar

Here is a list of few bakeries in Jamnagar where you will find good stuff to eat:

Name: Rajlaxmi Bakers
Kishan Kaniya Appartments,
Near Congress Bhavan, Limda Lane,
Jamnagar Ho, Jamnagar- 361001
Phone No: (0288) 2661099

Name: Kabhi B Bake Studio

Silver Plaza, Ground floor,
7 Patel Colony, Bedi Bunder Road,
Jamnagar- 361008
Phone No: 9725047158

Name: Jay Bharat Bakery

Ashapura Road, Jamnagar ho,
Jamnagar- 361001
Phone No: (0288) 2679327

Name: Bakers Point

Mile stone Building,
Panchwati, P N Marg,
Pandit Nehru Marg, Jamnagar- 361008
Phone No: (0288) 2665859

Name: Murlidhar Bakers

Shivam Shopping Centre,
Opposite Digvijay Cinema,
Near Ram Paroha House,
Jamnagar Ho, Jamnagar- 361001
Phone No: (0288) 2663831

Name: Shiv Shakti Bakery

64, Jolly Bunglow Road,
Digvijay Plot, Jamnagar- 361005
Phone No: (0288) 2565216

Name: Ashok Bakery

Limda Lane, Jamnagar Ho,
Jamnagar- 361001
Phone No: (0288) 2661862

Name: Ronak Bakers

Affel Tower HM Road, Jamnagar,
Digvijay Plot, Jamnagar- 361004
Phone No: (0288) 2568794

Name: Super Bakery and General Store

Near Dr Singalani near Khodiyar Colony
Phone No: 9825620468

Name: Jain Vijay Farsan Mart

Ranjit Road, Jamnagar- 361005
Phone No: (0288) 2563206

Name: Sanghvi Nutrition Pvt Ltd

Kapad Mill Compound,
Bedeshwar, Jamnagar- 361003
Phone No: (0288) 2755060, (0288) 2755206

Name: Pastry wizard

35, Ground Floor, City arcade,
Near D S P bunglow, Jamnagar- 361008
Phone No: (0288) 2533171

Name: Monginis the Cake Shop

Limda Lane,
Near Computer Centre, Jamnagar
Phone No: (0288) 2542878

Most of the Bakeries in India use strictly conform to international standards of quality and manufacturing practices. The Indian bread and bakery market had a decent growth in 2006 and registered more growth in comparison to the year 2002 to 2005. The consumption of whole meal or brown bread is on the rise among Indians.
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