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Temples in Jamnagar

Jamnagar, apart from being dotted with many historical monuments, forts and marvels of Nature is also a city where you can find great spiritual comfort and solace. The city with its plethora of some old Hindu and Jain temples creates just the right spiritual ambiance for you to bask in a divine glory and hope for 'Moksha' while doing the Holy chanting of Mantras.

After all Lord Krishna did make Dwarka, not far from Saurashtra, his home and the Jams claim to be descendents of the Yadavas, Lord Krishna’immediate supporters. Lord Shiva is the most worshiped here and it is not surprising that there is an abundance of old and new Shiva temples in this area. Down the centuries the Jains too established a strong foothold in the city, a main trading center as well as port. As they established residence, they also built intricately carved temples, some of which have become places of holy pilgrimage for the Jains.So if you wish to make a tour of the top religious spots of city, here are some of the short-listed ones for you:

Mota Ashapura Mata Temple

This temple is dedicated to Mata Ashapura, the Kuldevi of the Jadeja Rajputs who ruled over Jamnagar. The temple is located in proxmity to Darbargarh, the princely palace, in the eastern side of Jamnagar. The temple comes alive during Navratri with lakhs of devotees flocking to the temple to pay their respects and  to participate in the celebrations. Navratri is the time to visit this temple. Ashapura mata is revered throughout Kutch and Jamnagar and also in parts of Rajasthan, mainly as the clan deity of the Jadejas who then popularized her by building temples in various locations. The nearest Rail Station to Mota Ashapur Mata Temple is Bhimasar Railway Junction which is at about only 9 Kilometers from the Temple. So reaching the temple by rail route would be easy. You can then take a cab drive to the temple

Bhid Bhajan Temple

This temple is incredible both in terms of its religiosity and architecture. The stunning ornate intricate silver carvings embellishing the doors of this temple draws tourists from far and wide and will keep your camera busy all the time. God lovers too get enough of their share from the ambiance of the temple that fraughts with deep spirituality. The temple is situated in proximity to Jamnagar Indian Airlines Office. Taking the Bhidbhajan Road after that would make you reach the temple within just a few minutes. If you want to get info on the rail route, the nearest rail station is Jamnagar Railway Station at a distance of about 3 Kilometers from the temple

Bala Hanuman Temple

The Bala Hanuman Temple is rather ordinary looking but held in high reverence by devotees. The unique thing about this temple is that devotees have been chanting Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram non stop since 1st August 1964. Darshan of the Lord’s Murti is allowed in the mornings and evenings, the best times to visit the temple. This Temple is situated on the right hand side of Shri Prembhikshuji Marg, in proximity to the Lakhota Lake. A cab hire from main bus stop will make you reach the temple comfortably. If you want to avail the rail route, the nearest rail station is Sikka Rail Station at a distance of about 1 Kilometer away.

Shantinath Mandir

On the south-west side of Bedi Gate you  will find Shantinath Mandir, one of the finest examples of Jain temple architecture, with  intricate carvings, murals and colorful painting, even on the marble floor. Adinath temple in the vicinity is similarly beautifully made of carved marble, a testimony to the genius of craftsmen of those days.  Via the Indira Gandhi Road you can reach the Shantinath Mandir most easily and the fastest way. The nearest landmark to the temple is MP College from where you could hire a cab or auto and reach the temple in some 20 minutes only. If any tourist wishes to avail the rail route, the nearest rail stop from the temple is Bhanvad railway junction at a distance of about 2 Kilometers only.

Swaminarayan Temple

This temple is well famed for its divinity as also for its architectural brilliance. The main or core structure of the temple is house to 3 Idols and one of those is of course the Deity after whom the temple has been named; i.e. Lord Swaminarayan. The lofty conical peaks of the temple stands with majesty just amid the city exuding a wave as well as spreading a message of Divinity all around. The temple is located along Kalavad Road, in proximity to MVM College. You can drive from Jamnagar, taking SH 26 for reaching Swaminarayan temple by road. If someone wishes to gain info on the rail route, the nearest rail stop is Rajkot Railway Station Junction at a distance of about 3 Kilometers

Vardhman Shah Jain Derasar

This is yet another old Jain temple said to have been constructed in 1612. The high point is vivid murals adorning the walls. The Raisi Shah Jain temple in Jamnagar is a popular Jain pilgrimage spot drawing Jains from all over India. This Jain Temple is situated in vicinity to Bharat Nivas. A cab hire from there will make you reach the temple with just 25 minutes. If you want to avail the rail route, the nearest rail station for you would be Jamnagar Railway Station at a distance of 2 Kilometers.

Once you have visited all these temples and admired their beauty as well as obtained blessings, you may consider moving on to Dwarka and Somnath, home to iconic temples of Lord Krishna and Shiv.

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