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Marine National Park in Jamnagar

The moment you enter India’s first and only Marine National Park, you will be amazed by its biodiversity and unique eco system. This national park situated along the sea shores of Jamnagar in Gulf of Kutch is a major tourist attraction in this region. You can enjoy a thrilling boat ride on the salt waters during high tide. On the other hand, an exquisite marine flora and fauna waits to mesmerize you in the low tides.

The beautiful Marine life in Marine National Park of Jamnagar

Interestingly, Marine National Park is located in inter tidal zone with sea waters inundating it twice every day. This park on the southern coast of Kutch was established in the year 1982. The entire area of sanctuary spans over 458 sq km as an archipelago comprising of 42 islands. Out of this, Marine National Park occupies 163 sq km area. It is a protected area displaying the most astounding marine life of the gulf. Saline grasslands, mangrove woods, coral reefs, estuaries, creeks, and marshy shores are some of the highlights that allure you to visit this National Park in Jamnagar district.

About Marine National Park in Jamnagar

Whether you are an avid bird watcher, adventurist, or a vacationer, the exquisite fauna and avifauna of this park will certainly captivate your imagination. On the day of low tide, you can actually enjoy a walk on the shores to witness rich marine life. The eco system of this park is fragile and unique. A spectacular sight awaits you at these islands starting from Jamnagar. All along this course, you can watch some rarest species of birds in their rich habitats. Some of the islands are explorable by boats for which you should also seek official permission from Forest Department.

Islands of Marine National Park in Jamnagar

The best islands to discover fine coral reefs are Narara, Pirotan, Positara, Ajad, and Kharubar. This park has been declared as Category II area among significant national parks of the world by International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

Fauna of Marine National Park in Jamnagar

The marine wealth of this park can be estimated by its varied flora and fauna. It has 42 varieties of hard corals, 32 varieties of soft corals, 70 species of sea sponges, 27 species of pawns, 200 species of mollusks, 78 varieties of terrestrial birds, 94 species of water birds, 100 varieties of algae, 30 species of crab, and 200 species of fish. You can also find 3 endangered species of sea turtle, 3 species of sea mammal, and sea snakes in this park.

Marine Life in Marine National Park Jamnagar

Endangered species found here include Darter, Painted Stork, Black Necked Ibis, and Great Indian Bustard. In its shallow waters, you will find avifauna like Phalaropes and Avocets whereas plain waters are packed with Terns, Gulls, Osprey, Kingfisher, and Marsh Harrier. If you happen to be at this park during winters, be ready to watch some exclusive V formations by migratory birds visiting in thousands over here.

Fauna in Marine National Park Jamnagar

Marine species of this park include jelly fish, star fish, prawns, crabs, dolphin, green sea turtles, octopus, sea anemones, dugong, sharks, blue whales, humpback whales, puffer fish, sea cucumber, bottlenose dolphins, sea urchins, lichen, crustaceans, etc. It also has whale sharks in the depth of seas.

Migratory and Resident Birds at Marine National Park Jamnagar

Flora of Marine National Park in Jamnagar

The exquisite natural beauty of this national park is accentuated by the thick mangrove forests found here. There are 7 varieties of these trees in Marine Park. Flora of this place is also enriched by trees of sesham, limda, kheru, and wild herbs.

Unique flora and Fauna of Marine National Park Jamnagar

Mangrove Forests of Marine National Park in Jamnagar

Mangrove swamps are the natural breeding ground for many varieties of birds and marine life. They also protect the eco system by preventing soil erosion from coast and stabilizing the sediments. By trapping silt, they save coral reefs from excessive sedimentation. These trees grow in saline soils of coastal regions. The coast line in this park is flanked by these mangroves covering 141 sq km of area. This coverage has reduced from 300 sq km in 1975 to current levels. But protection measures with active patrol have managed it at better levels.

Mangrove Forests in Marine National Park Jamnagar

Best Time to Visit Marine National Park in Jamnagar

For uninterrupted glimpses of its marine wealth, October to end of February is the best time for a visit. The weather remains gentle and enjoyable during these months. You can also spot rare migratory birds during winter season.

How to Reach Marine National Park in JamnagarHow to reach Marine National Park Jamnagar

To reach this awesome destination by water, you can hire a boat from port of Jamnagar. It takes two hours each side to reach Pirotan from Jamnagar. You can explore the islands by boats or by walking in the low tides.

But remember to reach there at least one hour before high tide. Plan your trip according to the timings of tide and local boat timings as well.

Reach there by Train:
The nearest railhead for Marine National Park is at Jamnagar and Rajkot. Jamnagar is situated only 7 kms away from the park.

Reach there by Air:
Nearest airport is also located at distance of 7 kms in Jamnagar city.

Reach there by Road:
Jamnagar is the nearest bus stand to reach this park by road transport.

Where to stay at Marine National Park in Jamnagar

Jamnagar has numerous accommodation options to stay here. There are private hotels and guest houses in the city. If you want to enjoy natural fresh air, there is a forest rest house in Theba at distance of 8 km. The city has a Circuit House as well with many suites to stay.

Tourist Information Centre for Marine National Park in Jamnagar

Address: Deputy Conservator of Forests, Marine National Park, Van Sankul,
C.F. Office, Near Nagnath Road, Jamnagar - 360001
Phone No.: (O) 0288 - 2679357

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