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Local Administration Bodies in Jamnagar

When we use the phrase ‘local governing bodies’ it of course means administrative bodies focusing on the welfare of a particular locality or community or governing a particular locality or community. The local governing bodies are often voted to power by the residents of the locality and they are Self-Governing Bodies that wield certain administrative powers keeping within the laws, statutes and regulations specified for them. Their sole goal remains to manage and supervise the various local affairs to which the State Government or National Government need not pay any heed. In the hierarchy of administration the local governing bodies indeed play a pivotal role because they are ones you first turn to when you encounter any issues or depend on for the immediate availability of all the basic amenities and services needed to make your life easy.

Local Administration Bodies in Jamnagar

Local Governing Bodies in Jamnagar

There are Local Bodies for Governing local affairs in almost all the small and big cities of India, even in rural India and this concept of Local Government bodies is nothing new in our country. The Vedic Age saw the emergence of Local Government in India for the first time when there were several local bodies like Dasagrami, Satgrami, Vimasapati, Gramayavadin.

Jamnagar Municipal Corporation

The Jamnagar City of Gujarat is managed and supervised by JMC or Jamnagar Municipal Corporation, the key Local Body that looks after the administration and governs the city of Jamnagar quite efficiently. The JMC was brought to picture and given the administrative responsibilities so that the citizens of Jamnagar are not deprived of any civic facility that could make their life smooth and easy. JMC executes its administrative functions with regard to all local public related affairs and sees to it that the Jamnagar citizens are provided with all the basic and truly vital services like Health, Road & Transport, Sanitation & Drainage, Light, Water Supply and so on and the present goal of JMC is to incorporate latest advanced technologies in the Governing process or Local affairs management system in order to keep pace with the changing times.
Address of JMC:
Jamnagar Municipal Corporation
Government Colony
Jamnagar, Gujarat 361001

Jamnagar City Council

Jamnagar City Council came into being on December 30th, 1875. It started collecting revenue on large scale since 1st of July, 1902 with the goal of making the Body economically self-sufficient. 2nd October, 1949, was a significant date for Jamnagar because that was the day when the Municipality of Jamnagar actually came into being. The Jamnagar Municipal Corporation was the next big leap towards a solid governance of the city and it came into being on October 6th, 1981. The administrative functions and operations undertaken and executed by JMC strictly fall within the rules and regulation specified under the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act (1949)

Services and Facilities by JMC

The major services offered to the Jamnagar citizens by JMC include:
  • Cleaning of Public Drainage Systems, Open Gutters, public toilets & latrines and their maintenance as well
  • Looking after Street Lighting facilities and lighting facilities in other public properties like parks or gardens
  • Offering Citizens optimum protection from ghastly accidents or devastating fire
  • Focusing on the development of Slums and contributing at least 10% of the revenue income for that purpose
  • Maintenance of all the sites of people’s interest such as monuments, parks, gardens, lakes etc
  • Arrange vaccination programs at the correct intervals and spread awareness against infectious diseases
  • Cleaning, Construction plus maintenance of public roads, sub-ways, bridges
  • Administration plus maintenance of burial grounds and funeral places
  • Cleaning streets, roads & maintenance of city space
  • Collection & Disposal of Toxic & Filthy Garbage
  • Offering Facilities of Primary Education to children and maintaining it
  • Offering Birth Registration and Death Registration services to citizens
  • Undertake relief work in case a National Calamity such as earthquake, famine or drought strikes

So these are the major services and facilities offered by JMC to the Jamnagar citizens. Shri Dineshbhai N Patel was elected to the post of Mayor on the 19th of June, 2013 and has really proved himself as an efficient Mayor for JMC and for the Jamnagar city as a whole.

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    Miss Kunjal Thaker from Dalkeith, Scotland 1001 Days ago

    Our village is Khilos in Jamnagar and please convey to them that my mother Usha died in February 2017 in a charitable hospice and she had become very tiny due to malnutrition and she was losing blood because the UK Edinburgh SwamiNarayan people had assaulted her because they are jealous that myself and my brothers Ravi and Niraj are special sons and daughters of God and those SwamiNarayana people have given birth to children like us but they hate us, we are living in danger and Niraj ni saathe ek white bai raheche jeni pase bahu backing che ane ee threats ape che ke Ravi and Niraj ne kaik kari nakhse ane maari nakhse koi. Jambu kaka ni wife to ek Rani ni jem rahe che ane mane obscene rite mare che aiya spirit ma avine. Hu rovu chu ke koine ame nathi gamta ane mare have kai joitu nathi mara lagan kem na thaya Sailesh saathe ke koi saara chokra saathe. Maharajji Tarlochan na dera ni chokrio ye bahu jadu kairu che Sailesh par ane ghaniye nu lafdu chaale che love affair Sailesh saathe etle Mataji ye kidhu ke ee mando padi jashe eva kharab che ee dera na loko ane eelokoye bahu paisa magi lidha Niraj pase ane mokle che Lalit ne ene marva mate. Tooting Gurudwara ni lies che ane eeloko mage che paisa aatankvadie che eeloko. Sri Lankan temple Highgate London ma Niraj par bahu kairu ane have eelokoni threat che amari par. Ravi ne ye ghani ordeals sahan karvi paidi ane oli bai je Niraj sathe rahe che ee vat vat ma Ravi upar threats nakhe che. Koine ame nathi gamta etle amare ye curse aapvo joiye Indians ne ane akhi duniya ne je amne kaam karaveche lok kalyannu pan amaru dukh nathi dur karta.

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