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Brass City Jamnagar

There are a number of brass manufacturing units in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Brass products are exported to various countries all over the globe from Jamnagar. Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. The ratio of these products must be 60:40 respectively.


Brass Scrap Used in Jamnagar

Around 250 tonnes of brass scrap is used in manufacturing units per day. However, sometimes due to volatile international prices and fluctuations in the value of the rupee, the production is brought down including brass scrap imports.  The Brass scrap prices depend largely on copper prices on the London Metals Exchange (LME). There is another association named Export Import Metal Merchant Association for looking into various affairs of this business. The brass parts industry in Jamnagar depends on high demand from real estate sector, the auto sector and electronics manufacturers.

With more than 5,000 brass-making units in Jamnagar, this city can rightly be termed as the 'Brass City'! About 80% of these units are Small Scale Industries. The nuts, screws, bolts and rivets in your kid's toys, kitchen appliances etc. have all been made in Jamnagar.

Jamnagar Factory Owner's Association (JFOA)

There is Jamnagar Factory Owner's Association (JFOA) for looking into grievances and demands of the owners and employees working in these units. The Jamnagar Factory Owner's Association is a good platform for developing mutual understanding and identification of solutions for problems related to business that crop up from time to time. They also look into factors that enable a safe working environment for the workers and quality improvement of products manufactured.

Most of the scrap is imported from Europe and America. Brass door fittings and electronic parts like screws of switches have a good market in China. Though brass parts are also manufactured in China, however, they depend on Jamnagar for small brass products such as small screws used for switches fitting. Jamnagar Factory Owners Association (JFOA) has initiated a Common Testing Facility with modern equipment for smaller units so that they are able to produce standard products for the world market.

Export of Brass Products from Jamnagar

Brass parts worth around INR 300-400 crore are exported to Europe, the US and Gulf countries annually. The units which manufacture brass items are based in and around industrial estates of MP Shah and Shankar Tekari in Udhyognagar.

Type of Brass Products Manufactured in Jamnagar

Electrical Wiring accessories include electrical parts, switch parts, Neutral Links used in Instrumentation, Telecommunication and Earth Blocks. Cable Glands are corrosion resistant and are used as conduit fittings and terminal ends. Electrical terminals, Neutral Links and HRC Fuse Connectors are manufactured in the small scale units here.

Brass Building hardware is used in buildings (brass hinges, door knobs) for supporting fixtures like doors and windows etc. Other things manufactured here include Sanitary fitting parts (elbow, reducer, tee) that are used in pipe and plumbing systems.

Main products manufactured in Jamnagar include:
  • Building hardware (stoppers, studs, door/window hinges).
  • Electronic and electrical accessories (switches, computer sockets)
  • Sanitary and bathroom fittings (hangers, curtain fittings)
  • Automobile and cycle tube valves
  • Agricultural implements (such as tractor fittings)
  • Brass jewellery
  • Brass buttons
  • Pen parts
  • Other machine components as per requirement of customers.

Specialty About Brass Products in Jamnagar

In India, the brass metal industry is located in other states too such as in Haryana, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa apart from Gujarat. The main difference between products manufactures in these states and those manufactured in Gujarat is that while in other states brass metal handicraft and utility items (used for gifts, decoration) are manufactured, in Gujarat mostly brass-machined components are manufactured. These industrial products require much turning, milling, grinding, drawing, boring, threading etc.

What Type of Brass Industries Exist in Jamnagar

Raw materials required in the Jamnagar Brass cluster comes from old brass, copper or bronze utensils, imported brass scrap and also brass scrap from ship breaking yard. Out of these sources, maximum brass material is procured from imports from places like Singapore, USA, Gulf and European countries.Imported brass scrap comes in the form of Honey scrap, Dross of brass & Pale in the form of strips.


Workers separate other metals like Aluminium and iron from this scrap which is quite a difficult process. If impurities and other metals are not removed before they reach the foundry for melting, the quality of casting is affected.Not only brass scrap, but copper, zinc, led, other metal alloys and clay etc are also used. This depends on the final product that has to be manufactured.

Operations Carried Out in Brass Units in Jamnagar

Brass units here carry out various types of operations which include casting (melting, molding), machining and electroplating (silver plating, zinc plating, copper plating).  Brass part manufacturing industries use electricity (electrical and thermal energy) or even fuels like Liquid Petroleum Gas, Furnace Oil and Coal. It actually depends on which product has to be manufactured and process used for manufacturing it.

Since Jamnagar is the Brass city of India, there are units here which manufacture brass parts. There are also many brass foundry units, electroplating and extrusion units etc. in Jamnagar. All these units are situated in pockets of Shankartekri, MP Shah Udyognagar, Patel colony and Dared areas.

The brass industry is bringing revenue to the city of Jamnagar. The quality of brass products manufactured in Jamnagar is so good that this Brass city has written its name in golden letters in this field of manufacturing, not only in India but all around the globe!

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