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Bardar Sanctuary in Jamnagar

Since the advent of Industrial revolution and the phenomenal growth of technology, life, has changed, and changed for good. The old villages and country afternoons spent lazing around in your granny’s shed is a thing that are found only in books and your granny’s tales. All such experiences have been replaced by the hustle and the bustle of the big city. Hours spent alone in quiet reflection are now a luxury that even the rich can’t afford as overpopulated cities are filled to the brim and constantly expanding with migrants of all sorts and varieties entering to make money, a name and fame.

However, what mankind has lost in all the rush and the hullabaloo is the ability to sit back, and look at life from the outside. There are very few sports on the earth that can now give on this luxury, and each such spot is guarded safely and zealously. These places are valued very highly by people, as they can provide them with a sort of peace to their mind and soul, the elixir for everlasting youth and freedom.

Bardar Sanctuary in Jamnagar: An Overview

There are some such places in the world but most of them are now very well known, and commercialized enough for them not to be oases in the desert of industrialization, overpopulation and pollution. However, there some untouched jewels still left in the world. One of them is Bardar Sanctuary. Located around 15-15km away from Jamnagar to the south, Bardar is a small, isolated and lonely spot. Not far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is far enough to provide a feeling of escape and relief. The small settlement is quiet ancient really, and probably was a burgeoning town at some point of time in the years gone by.

Bardar Sanctuary in Jamnagar

Attractions of Bardar Sanctuary in Jamnagar

It is quite popular among the locals as a hotspot for vacations. The mountainous terrain may have something to do with the lack of sufficient vegetation, scope of agriculture and overcrowding of the city. Such terrain always makes it hard for the house builders as well, and thus not too many settlements can be found in Bardar.

The place is also replete with many old temples ad ruins, making it and excellent get away location. For someone who wants to just sit down and have a quiet and peaceful weekend, time spent among these ruins is a fantastic way to do so. The temples, often relics, are well constructed little pieces of old world architecture and they hold the charm that only old world buildings can bring.

The only problem (or advantage, depending on your point of view) is that Bardar is located out of the way of any of the tourists hotspots in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat is, as we know, quite focused on bringing in tourists, but Bardar isn’t something too many have heard of or seen in ads, and this just adds to its exotic nature, and hipster appeal.

Perfect for a weekend getaway, a road trip, or just a good time in the company of friends and loved ones, Bardar is probably a spot you would want to visit when you’re sick and tired of the class commercialization that comes with the big city.

Location of the Sanctuary:
16 kms. South of Jamnagar, Jamnagar

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