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Adventure Sports in Jamnagar

Jamnagar, the city built by Jam Rava Jadeja in 1540 is the gateway to the beauties of nature as yet untainted by human intrusion. On the one side you have the extensive coastline, home to a multitude of birds, animals and marine life. On the other side you have rugged cliffs and forests you can explore by hiking and camping in them to your heart’s content. You will not find organized services by the coastal areas offering windsurfing or boat hiring facilities. This means you have to make your own arrangements and bring your own gear. That makes it all the more fun for people who seek true adventure and wish to endure hardships to glimpse nature in its most raw form.

Adventure Sports in Jamnagar

Trekking through Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

If you like birding then you can go to Khijadia Bird Sanctuary, about 10 Kilometers from the city. This is ideal for a day of trekking in this place. It is unique in that on one side of the dam towards the coastal areas you will come across marshy bogs and mangroves whereas on the other side you have the typical dry hinterlands. Trek through the sanctuary and you will come across small mammals and a huge number of inland birds, marine birds and also migratory birds in winter.

Snorkeling, Camping, Hiking in Marine National Park

Even wilder are the islands of Narara and Pirotan forming part of the Marine National Park. A protected reserve, it needs permission to enter the islands and you can stay for a day, planning a boat ride at high tide and return in the evening at an appropriate time. Miss it and you could be stranded on the island. The marine aquatic life, the coral reefs and birds keep you occupied throughout the day. Since there are no facilities on either of these two islands, take provisions along but please do not litter. If you truly like to camp out in the open and spend days out in the lap of nature, you could walk down along the coastline from Jamnagar towards Dwarka. Beaches on the stretch may fall under jurisdiction of the Marine National Park where permission is necessary. Those areas outside are open and you may camp here, explore the marine life and go diving or take a walk into the interior areas, maybe coming across some settlements. Off the coast are small islands, uninhabited except for the natural flora and fauna. Camp out in the open, laze in the winter sun and enjoy utter peace and tranquility in these isolated places that are only now being discovered as destinations for camping and hiking.  Travel by cycle.

Trekking and Camping through Barda Mountains

You need permission from the Forest Department to trek up the Barda Mountains, about 90 Kilometers from Jamnagar. The easy way is to drive up the hill in a vehicle. However, it is better to go on foot and have fun spotting birds and animals in their natural habitat. Following rains the hillsides are dotted with tiny rivulets and streams surrounded by lush green foliage. You can go straight to the top of Kileshwar hill using a camel to get there and walk your way down. If you are lucky you can spot hyenas, snakes and birds as you follow the narrow paths down the hillside. If you fancy rock climbing, the hills offer enough rocky outcroppings to encourage you to give it a try. Camp by a burbling brook, light a campfire and gaze at stars as you drift into sleep.

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